Chris Cusick is a professional travel photographer and visual storyteller with a focus on diverse culture throughout Asia. He is also a passionate photo-educator. Based in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Chris runs guided photography tours in Angkor Wat and the surrounding area.

Originally from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, Chris' pursuit of Asia's uniquity has taken him to various corners of the continent, including South Korea, Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia and Singapore. Through his photography workshops, Chris looks to inspire this same curiosity and passion for visual storytelling in his own guests. By attending you can expect not only to leave with a series of images that perfectly capture your beautiful memories of Cambodia, but also to refine your photographic vision and unlock the full potential of your camera so as to stand you in good stead for your photographic journeys yet to come.

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The best locations in the best light. Take the stress out of travelling: Chris's seamless tours make traversing this beautiful land a walk in the park ... leaving you to concentrate on the photos.

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Chris has been delivering a quality photographic education for a number of years. Through his one-on-one tuition, he'll help you to become the very BEST photographer you can be.

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Chris is a well-travelled, young(ish) chap who has captured beautiful images all across Asia. Why not spruce up one of those bare walls with a gorgeous, high-quality print?

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Latest Posts

2 years ago, I'd never have believed you if you'd said I'd be leading photography tours in Cambodia, but that's exactly what came next! Read on to hear more about my journey.

Surely I can't be the only soul who gets the impression that the predominance of this "It's all Photoshop" whinging is coming from other photographers? Maybe it's time to stop whinging about Photoshop and time to start learning how to use it.

Like a lot of photographers, I'm drawn to capturing those "take-it-all-in," ultra-wide cityscape shots... And I suspect I'm not the only photographer who has also spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on equipment and hence can't afford a tilt-shift lens to keep the straight lines straight in my architectural shots. Here's why I no longer need one.

After reviewing some of my older photography, I've come to the conclusion that when it comes to shadow detail, less is often more when you want to retain or emphasis mood and atmosphere.